7 Steps for Selling Your Home


Has the time come for you to upgrade or downsize your living arrangements? Maybe you’re just looking for a change of scenery or moving for work? Either way, you’re likely looking to sell your current home.  It can be pretty intimidating at times, as there are a lot of steps involved in selling a home. However, it is also a great opportunity for a fresh start!

To help you begin your home selling journey, Lido Real Estate of Orange County has compiled a list of seven key steps to set you up for success. 


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1. Research the Market

Determine if it’s a good time to sell. You’ve probably heard of the terms “seller’s market” and “buyer’s market.” They each refer to exactly what they sound like, which is whose favor the market is leaning in. Unless you need to sell immediately, wait until the market leans more towards sellers. This means there will be more people looking to buy, which will help you receive more competitive offers.

2. Contact a Realtor

Never underestimate the value of a real estate professional. Even if you’ve thoroughly researched the market and selling tips, there’s no substitute for the structured training and wealth of experience a realtor can bring to the table. They’ll be your guide through the selling process and help you ultimately get the most money out of your home investment.

3. Clean It Up

Make your home presentable! Get it professionally cleaned, get any needed repairs done, apply paint, and eliminate everything else that’s been sitting on that to-do list. You’ll also need to remove, or at least thoroughly organize, items related to your pets or children. Both have the passive ability to make potential buyers think your home is dirty. 

The other part of cleaning up is “depersonalizing” your space. Try to make it look more like a model home and less like your home. This can seem cold to some, but the fact is that buyers like a space that they can envision themselves in. If your home looks like it’s your space, they’ll have a harder time imagining their life in it and will be less likely to make an offer. Take the time and invest the resources into putting most of your personal items in storage until you move.

4. Stage It

After it’s nice and clean and depersonalized, now it’s time to actually make it look like anyone’s dream home. With the help of your realtor, arrange the furniture and art in a way that will be attractive to potential buyers. Also, consider updating appliances and other household features to give it a modern feel. Your realtor will help you know what’s too little or too much. 


5. Set a Price

It’s time to determine the asking price for your home that will both bring in offers and turn a profit. With your realtor, make a list of all the features and amenities. Then, compare your home to the prices of others in the area of similar size and with similar features. This will help you determine what you can reasonably expect to receive for selling your home.

Take your time on this step. A price that is too high will dissuade buyers from even looking at your home. Too low, and you’ll get taken advantage of by other realtors or homebuyers. Make sure you maintain those reasonable expectations and communicate thoroughly with your real estate agent.


6. Prepare for Negotiations

Your realtor is your best friend and most durable line of defense here. They’ll field the offers and tell you which ones they think are the best. However, remember that you have the final decision on whether or not to accept an offer. If you think it’s a lowball, don’t be afraid to turn it down. You’re ultimately trying to get the most money out of your investment — not get your realtor paid quicker. Always remember, they’re there to represent you


7. Accept An Offer

It’s one of the most exciting moments you’ll ever experience — when that offer comes in that you know you’ll agree to. When it does, don’t be afraid to say yes! It may be sad at first when you realize your home will soon be someone else’s, but remember that you’re moving for a reason. It’s time to get into your next stage. It’s time to celebrate, and maybe even throw a party! Get your paperwork done with the realtor and get paid. Congratulations, you’ve done it!


If you’ve got a home you’re considering selling in Orange County, or if you’re seeking your dream home, Lido Real Estate can help. Contact us today to speak with our experienced staff of real estate professionals. We’ll help you through your buying or selling process with a dedication unparalleled by our competition. Also, feel free to reach out at any time with your real estate questions!