Assistance With Lease Agreements

Unfortunately, most property owners are not as protected as they should when it comes to their lease agreements. At Lido Real Estate, we’re proud to provide the information and protection you need with all of your lease agreements.There are a number of forms in our standard lease agreements to ensure that you have the best protection possible. Some of these forms include:

  • Lead-Based Paint Addendum
  • Megan’s Law Addendum
  • Credit Reporting Addendum
  • Mold Addendum

  • Renter’s Insurance Addendum
  • Bed Bugs Addendum
  • Pet Agreement
  • Inventory Move In/Move Out Checklists

  • House Rules Addendum
  • BBQ Addendum
  • Key Addendum
  • Security Deposit Addendum

While not all of these addendums are mandatory, it is wise to include all of them with each lease agreement. Having a solid lease agreement for your tenants is a way to avoid conflict down the road, it will protect your investment, and will ensure that your tenants have a clean and safe home in which to live.

If you need help updating your lease agreements or have questions about property management, please contact Lido Real Estate in Orange County today.

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